What About Me? a self-care book for massage therapists

'What About Me?' - a self-care book for massage therapists is NZ's only indigenous resource for teaching the massage therapist to take care of their own bodies.


"The attrition rate of massage therapists in practice is high due to a number of factors including injury, fatigue and burnout. I believe it is essential that massage schools teach the skills necessary to deal with the demands of the profession right alongside the techniques of massage and the study of anatomy."

Heather Wright is a certified massage therapist and yoga teacher. She trained in massage in Boulder, Colorado, USA, - a one-year full time course in bodywork while studying yoga for two years. Prior to this Heather worked around the world in conventional medicine as a radiographer. She now owns and operates a busy city multi-therapist massage clinic with husband Charles McGrosky. Now entering her 24th year of massage therapy Heather has been actively involved with the massage association as a practical examiner, completed numerous post graduate studies, been a teacher of massage in a professional training establishment and is now offering mentoring sessions for massage therapists whilst still continuing to work one to one with clients several days/week.


Testimonials for 'What About Me?'


  • "Your book has been a timely and most welcome arrival across my desk...This week I have lowered my table one notch and it has made a tremendous difference to all my work, to my comfort and to my ability to work from my centre. I also particularly like the doorway pectoral stretch. Thank you for writing that wonderful book." Sue (physiotherapist)

  • "The saying "you can't help others if you don't first help yourself" needs to be in the psyche of every practitioner of massage... I recommend the reading and adoption of the techniques discussed within this informative book as essential reading." Kathleen