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"We are a sporting family and have been going to Charles regularly for 2 years. Regular massage therapy is the difference between performing at high levels or risking niggles and injuries, thus missing training or games. We now recommend him to a number of young athletes for sports maintenance and injury treatment."




This uses slow, firm and specific techniques to realign muscle fibres and restore normal movement of muscles and tendons. It is commonly used in conjunction with other techniques such as heat, ice or specific stretching techniques.

Sports massage on leg


Sports massage is orientated toward working with athletes, their associated injuries and maintenance.


Regular sports massage may enhance the athletic performance and promote recovery after and event.

Portrait of beautiful pregnant woman having a massage in spa..jpg


Pregnancy Massage is aimed at the health and relaxation of the pregnant woman, usually in the side lying position. It is targeted relief to specific areas of discomfort eg low back, hips, neck and shoulder and feet

Swedish Massage


Swedish relaxation uses a moderate depth techniques to knead the tension out of the muscles , lots of long sweeping strokes to help you unwind and relax. Possibly used with hot packs and gentle music to enhance relaxation.

Back Massage


Neuromuscular therapy is treatment style massage aimed to restore balance to the soft tissue.


This may include trigger point therapy, postural analysis, heat or ice packs and stretching to target specific dysfunctional muscles.



We come to you in the workplace and use a specifically designed massage chair . You remain fully clothed in a seated position, most commonly 15 minutes addressing the neck and shoulder tension on the job.

Please phone 03 385 0544 to book your appointment. If the answer phone is on we will get back to you as soon as we are free. Just leave your name and number. We may be busy with clients or you have rung out of business hours. We prefer to talk to you to connect you with the best therapist and correct time frame to suit your needs.


We have 30min, 45 min, 60 min and 90 minute appointments available. 

"Come and check out the wonderful services at Shirley Wellness Centre- the multidiscipline health cente with a variety of exceptional practitioners. I have used the services of massage, podiatry, chiropractor, and acupuncture. I feel I am in the best hands literally and all my care has been exemplary….. I highly recommend this easily accessible centre with the best practitioners in town."


Physical Therapy
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